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IB Self Paced Program

You can have a glance at the curriculum below and access our Online Videos based on it,
simultaneously, you can get Online Assistance 1:1 with our trained tutors.

Our self-paced programme puts you in charge of your education by making it possible for you to personalise your learning experience to suit your unique needs and requirements. You no longer have to worry about struggling to keep up with the coursework and being left behind or slowing down your learning to match the pace of the other students. These challenges which are an inherent part of the traditional classroom experience no longer exist and become a hindrance thanks to our self-paced programme. Instead, you are free to study at the pace which works the best for you and focus solely on achieving your academic goals. Our self-paced programme is designed to help you realise your full potential as it frees you from the restrictions that a classroom imposes on your learning. It empowers you so you can make your dreams a reality.

You can have a glance at the detailed curriculum below and also access our Online Videos based on the same. Simultaneously, you can also get Online Assistance 1:1 with our trained and experienced tutors. Our network of dedicated online tutors is immensely vast and extends from India to the United States of America. It comprises of passionate teachers who leave no stone unturned to educate their students to the best of their ability. So whether you are looking for a MYP online tutor in New Jerseyor are on the hunt for IB maths online tuition in Miami, we have the perfect solution that you need!