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Why do we exist?

When a teacher imparts knowledge in a classroom situation, every learner tries to construct the meaning in their own unique way. This unique way may not necessarily be the way a teacher intends to achieve the learning outcomes. At Eduception, we are making the effort to improve a learner’s conceptual understanding and fill in the gaps created during thelimited opportunities in classroom scenariosthrough self-paced modules. This helps learners to become strong not only in the regular content, but also pushes them beyond their limits by providing them with exploration opportunity in each of the subject areas. We also provide continuous support for high achievers through advanced exploration programme focusing on current ongoing research in the field where students want to grow and study at college level. We also have extensive International Board (IB) resources and educational resources for international schools which makes us specialists in providing quality IB education as well as online tuitions for foreign students.

Why do the learners struggle with the new era of information overload? How do we help?

We transform young minds to be able to judge authentic information through critical analysis of the content.

IB Programmes (What else is there for me if I register?)

  • IB PYP-What is it?
  • IB MYP- subject-wise requirements to be successful
  • IB DP- subject-wise requirements to be successful
  • What Is TOK? Theory Of Knowledge
  • What Is EE?- Extended Essay
  • What Is IA?- Internal Assessment
  • How to meet the demand of IB programmes?